The Herbal Extracts Products List Of Bolise Co., Limited.

We can supply more than 500 kinds of herbal extracts, as long as the raw materials are available. Our company is a representative of The Herbal Materials Association of China who owns a wide range of herbal raw material sources. If you need any herbal extract, please feel free to contact us.

Acacia extract
Acerola extract
Agrimony extract
Alfalfa extract
Algae extract
Almond extract
Aloe Vera Pulver 
Alpine Herbs extract
Angelica extract
Aniseed extract
Anthemis extract
Apple extract
Apricot extract
Arachis extract
Arbor Vitae extract
Arnica extract
Arrowroot extract
Artichoke extract
Ashwaganda extract
Asparagus extract
Asthma Weed extract
Astragalus extract
Avens extract
Avocado extract
Babasu extract
Bai Shao extract
Bai Zhu extract
Balm Mint extract
Balm of Gilead extract
Balmony extract
Bamboo extract
Bana extract
Barberry extract
Barley extract
Basil extract
Bay extract
Bay Rum extract
Bayberry extract
Bearberry extract
Beech extract
Bees Pollen extract
Belladonna extract
Benzoin extract
Berberis extract
Bergamot extract
Beth Root extract
Bilberry extract
Birch Bark extract
Bittersweet extract
Black Catechu extract
Black Cohosh extract
BlackHaw extract
Black Horehound extract
Black Walnut extract
Black Willow extract
Blackberry extract
Blackcurrant extract
Bladderwrack extract
Blessed Thistle extract
Blood Root extract
Blood Cohosh extract
Blue Corn oil extract 
Blue Flag extract
Blueberry extract
Bogbean extract
Boldo extract
Boneset extract
Borage extract
Bougainvillea extract
Brahmi extract
Bramble extract
Bran extract
Bucchu extract
Buckbean extract
Buckthorn extract
Buckwheat extract
Bugbane extract
Bugleweed extract
Burdock extract
Burnet Rose extract
Burnet Saxifrage extract
Butcher´s Broom extract
Butterbur extract
Cactus extract
Cajeput extract
Calamus extract
Calendula extract
Camellia extract
Cang Zhu extract
Cape Aloe extract
Capsicum extract
Caraway extract
Cardamom extract
Carob extract
Carrot Seed extract
Carrot extract
Cascara extract
Cassia extract
Catechu extract
Catmint extract
Catnip extract
Cats Claw extract
Cayenne Pepper extract
Cedar Leaf extract
Cedarwood extract
Cenatury extract
Centella extract
Chai Hu extract
Chamomile extract
Chaste Tree extract
Cherry extract
Chestnut extract
Chickweed extract
Chicory extract
Chlorella extract
Chrysanthemum extract
Chuan Xiong extract
Cinchona Bark extract
Cinnamon extract
Cinquefoil extract
Clary Sage extract
Cleavers extract
Clematis extract
Clementine extract
Clove extract
Clover extract
Cocoa extract
Coconut extract
Condonopsis extract
Coffe extract
Coleus extract
Coltsfoot extract
Comfrey extract
Coneflower extract
Cordyceps extract
Coriander extract
Corn extract
Cornflower extract
Cornsilk extract
Corydails extract
Cotton extract
Couch Grass extract
Cowslip extract
Crab Apple extract
Cramp Bark extract
Cranberry extract
Cranesbill extract
Crocus extract
Cucumber extract
Culvers Root extract
Cumin extract
Curcuma extract
Cypress extract
Daffodil extract
Daisy extract
Damiana extract
Damson extract
Dan Shen extract
Dandelion extract
Dang Shen extract
Date extract
De Zao extract
Dead Sea extract
Deadnettle extract
Devil´s Claw extract
Devil´s Club extract
Dewberry extract
Dock extract
Dog Rose extract
Dogwood extract
Dong Quai extract
Echinacea extract 
Elder extract
Elecampane extract
Eleuthero extract
Elm extract
Eucalyptus extract
Eucommia extract
Euphorbia extract
Euphrasia extract
Evening Primrose extract
Eyebright extract
False Unicorn extract
Fang Feng extract
Fennel extract
Feverfew extract
Fig extract
Figwort extract
Fir extract
Forget Me Not extract
Fo-Ti extract
Foxglove extract
Frangipany extract
Frankincense extract
Freesia extract
Fringe Tree extract
Fruit extract
Fumitory extract
Galangal extract
Gan Cao extract
Garlic extract
Gentian extract
Geranium extract
Ginger extract
Gingko Biloba extract
Ginseng HG extract
Goats Rue extract
Gold of Pleasure extract
Gold Thread extract
Goldenrod extract
Goldenseal extract
Gotu Kola extract
Grape extract
Grapefruit extract
Grapeseed extract
Gravel Root extract
Green Tea extract
Ground ivy extract
Guarana extract
Guava extract
Guggul extract
Hawkweed extract
Hawthorn extract
Hayflower extract
Hazel extract
Hazelnut extract
Heartsease extract
Helichrysum extract
Henbane extract
Henna extract
Hibiscus extract
Holly extract
Hollyhock extract
Holy Basil extract
Honey extract
Hops extract
Horehound extract
Horsechestnut extract
Horseradish extract
Horsetail extract
Huang Lian extract
Hung Qin extract
Hydrangea extract
Hypericum extract
Hyssop extract
Iceland Moss extract
Ipecacuana extract
Iris extract
Irish Moss extract
Ivy extract
Jaborandi extract
Jambu extract
Jasmin extract
Jujube extract
Juniperberry extract
Kanuka extract
Kelp extract
Kidney Bean extract
Kiwi extract
Kola Nut extract
Kumquat extract
Ladies Mantle extract
Laminaria extract
Lavender extract
Lemon extract
Lichen extract
Lignum Vitae extract
Lilac extract
Lily extract
Lime extract
Linden Blossom extract
Ling Zhi extract
Liquorice extract
Lemon thyme extract
Lemongrass extract
Locust Bean extract
Loganberry extract
Loofah extract
Lotus Flower extract
Lovage extract
Lychee extract
Lycium extract
Macadamia extract
Magnolia extract
Maidenhair extract
Maitake extract
Mallow extract
Malt extract
Mandarin extract
Mango extract
Manuka extract
Maple extract
Marigold extract
Marjoram extract
Marshmallow extract
Mate extract
Matricaria extract
Meadowfoam extract
Meadowgrass extract
Meadowsweet extract
Melilot extract
Mellisa extract
Milfoil extract
Milk Thistle extract
Mimosa extract
Mint extract
Mistletoe extract
Moss extract
Motherwort extract
Mountain Ash extract
Mu Dan Pi extract
Mugwort extract
Muira Puama extract
Mulberry extract
Mullein extract
Mushroom extract
Musk Mallow extract
Myrtle extract
Nasturtium extract
Nectarine extract
Neroli extract
Nettle extract
Noni extract
Nut Grass extract
Oak extract
Oatseed extract
Oatstraw extract
Old man´s beard extract
Olibanum extract
Onion extract
Orange Bitter extract
Orange Blossom extract
Orange Sweet extract
Orchid extract
Oregon Grape extract
Origanum extract
Osha extract 
Palmarosa extract
Pansy extract
Papaya extract
Parsley extract
Partridge Berry extract
Passionfruit extract
Patchouli extract
Pau Dárco extract
Paullinia extract
Paw Paw extract
Peach extract
Peach Nut extract
Peanut extract
Wall extract
Pennyroyal extract
Pennywort extract
Peony extract
Pepperment extract
Perilla Seed extract
Periwinkle extract
Peru Balsam extract
Peruvian Bark extract
Petitgrain extract
Pilewort extract
Pimento extract
Pine extract
Pistachio extract
Plantain extract
Pleurisy Root extract
Poke Root extract
Pomegranate extract
Pomello extract
Poplar extract
Poppy Seed extract
Potentilla extract
Prickly Ash extract
Prickly Pear extract
Primrose extract
Primula extract
Propolis extract
Pulsatilla extract
Pumpkin extract
Quassia extract
Raspberry extract
Raspberry Leaf extract
Red Clover extract
Red Yeast Rice extract
Redcurrant extract
Reishi extract
Rhatany extract
Rhubarb extract
Rice extract
Rocket extract
Rosemary extract
Rose extract
Rose Damask extract
Rose De Mai extract
Rose Mallow extract
Rosehip extract
Rossewood extract
Rou Gui extract
Rowan extract
Royal Jelly extract
Rue extract
Secred Bark extract
Safflower extract
Sage extract
Salad extract
Sandalwood extract
Saponaria extract
Sarsaparilla extract
Satsuma extract
Saw palmetto extract
Schizandra extract
Sea Lavender extract
Senega extract
Senna extract
Sesame extract
Shan Yao extract
Shan Zhu Yu extract
Sheep Sorrel extract
Sheng Ma extract
Shepherd´s Purse extract
Shitake extract
Shu Di Huang extract
Skullcap extract
Skunk Cabbage extract
Slippery Elm extract
Small Flowered extract
Willow extract
Snakeroot extract
Sorrel extract
Southernwood extract
Soybean extract
Spearmint extract
Speedwell extract
Spinach extract
Spirulina extract
Spruce extract
Squills extract
St John´s Wort extract
Starflower extract
Starfruit extract
Stephania extract
Stephanotis extract
Stevia extract
Stoneroot extract
Strawberry Leaf extract
Sugar Cane extract
Sunflower extract
Sweet Briar extract
Sweet Flag extract
Sweet Gale extract
Sweet Papper extract
Sweet Violet extract
Tamarind extract
Tansy extract
Tarragon extract
Tea Black extract
Tea Green extract
Tea White extract
Thyme extract
Tienchi extract
Tolu Balsam extract
Tomato extract
Tuberose extract
Turmeric extract
Valerian extract
Vanilla extract
Verbena extract
Vine Leaf extract
Violet Leaf extract
Wahoo extract
Walnut extract
Watercress extract
Watermelon extract
Watermint extract
Wei Ling Xian extract
Wheatgerm extract
White Willow extract
Wild Carrot extract
Wild Indigo extract
Wild Lettuce extract
Wild Yam extract
Willowherb extract
Wisteria extract
Witchazel extract
Wood Betony extract
Woodruff extract
Woodsage extract
Wormwood extract
Wu Wei Zi extract
Xiang Fu extract
Yam extract
Yan Hu Suo extract
Yarrow extract
Yellow Dock extract
Yerba Mansa extract
Ylang Ylang extract
Yohimbe extract
Yucca extract
Zedoary extract