Anticancer raw material

[ Action & Indication ]  
  Anticancer raw material can increase the chemotherapy effect, improve the immune function of the patient, strengthen the resistance of your body and improve the living quality of the patient. It is effective to restrain tumor and control the formation of the new blood vessel related to tumor as well as to advance the disappearance of the tumor cells. It is effective to restrain the infiltration of tumor cells and potential to control the metastasis of tumor. It is the best health care products for the treatment and recovery of the one who has suffered from melanotic cancer, breast cancer, ovary cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, cancer in the bones, pancreas cancer, colon cancer, blood cancer, laryngo-carcinoma, prostate cancer and so on. 
[ suited symptom ] 
  1.Prevent and Cure Cancer.It has strong obstruction for the stages of the happening and development of cancer, and this is the most important effects of this products. It can restrain the tumor cells through the control of the formation of the newly-growth blood vessel. And this can be effective at a small dosage and is suited to prevent the occurrence, relapse and transference of the tumor cells. It has no side effect as other anti-cancer medicine and can be used for a long time.  
  2. Improve the functions of heart and blood vessel. It is positive to prevent cardiovascular diseases and improve the functions of the important internal organs of your body through the effects on the dilation of your blood vessel, stimulation of the circulation of your blood, increasing the blood flow of coronary artery and the other important internal organs. It is helpful to make you strong and relaxed. 
  3. Resist the agglutination of the thrombocytes: the Rg3 in this product is the strongest ingredients which can resist the agglutination of the thrombocytes up till now. If the thrombocytes are agglutinated in your blood vessel, the blood vessel will be blocked and the blood circulation will be abnormal. This will lead to arteriosclerosis. What is more, if the agglutinated thrombocytes block your blood vessel, it will lead to the terrible diseases such as brain atrophy or dementia disease and so on. Therefore, this product is effective to prevent and cure brain atrophy, angina pectoris, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. 
  4. Protect the cranial nerve cells: the test indicates that this product can prevent the toxicity of the cranial nerve cells which is caused by glutamic acid and can prevent the damage of your brain. During the actual use of this product, we find it has obvious functions to improve the quality of sleep, help you to regain energy, be helpful for your intelligence, increase the flexibility of your brain, decrease fatigue and improve your ability of study and decision-making.      
  5. Improve the immunity of your body: this product can strengthen the immunity of your body and can improve the activity of the various immune factors such as natural inflicting cells, T subgroups of the somatic cells and cells. Therefore, it can strengthen your physique and can improve the disease resistance ability of your body. 
[ Package ]   One kilogram of aluminium foil in bags