Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction Machine (SCFE)

[ Category ] Pharmaceutical Machinery
[ Our Advantages ]
  1.The whole machine is automatic computerized control;
  2.The parts are made in Germany and France,so the life is 15 years at least, but the life of Chinese parts are only 2 0r 3 years.
  3.carry out continuous extraction. The efficiency is 3 times higher than others;
  4.The bottom feed-in part is our patents, other manufacturers can not imitate.
   Bottom feed-in part: The process of loading and unloading material from the bottom of the instrument to extraction pot is controlled by computer. Instead, before this innovation, the factories must be built up to 6 meters high, the workers had to carry the store kettle and climb up the top of the extraction pot to feed the materials in, it is dangerous and inefficient. 

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