Mechanism of Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction

Tchnique of super-critical extraction,a advanced technical coming forth presently,is a new subject in the field of the modem chemical separating industry,which is applied widely in the field of extracting substance from palnt.
There is a immediate relationship between dissolvable capability of Super-critical medium and it selves destity.Both ressure and temperatureaffect the dissolvable capability of Super-critical medium.Under super critical condition,put Super-critical medium together with material needed be separeed to extract substance according to polarity magintude.boiling point,and molecular weight.For subsrance extracted acheved at some perssures in not simplex,the condition should be controlled to achieve excellent quality of mixed composition ,then,reduce pressure,increase temperature,to change the phase of Super-critical medium from liquid to gas.By this way,substance extracted is separated and purified.CO2 Super-critical extraction includes extraction and separation.