Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil

Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil

[Items]       Standard              
[character]         Red-Brown transparent   
                               volatile essential oil            
                               Seabuckthon Aroma
[Density]       0.9165-0.9380              
[refraction]      1.4750-1.4965               
[Iodin Value]   146.0(g/100g)              
[Saponification] 183.6(mgkOHg)            
[VE]            200(mg/100g)               200.6(mg/100g)  
[carotenoids]     100 mg/100g                
[Carotene]     6mg/80 mg carotenoid         
[carotene]           5 mg/100g                
[Sitosterol]    >500mg/800mg total sterol      
[fatty acids]         > 85%                  
                     30% palmitic fatty acids        
                 14%-50% palmitoleic fatty acid   
[Content]     > 95% Seabuckthon flavone 
[Detection methods]     HPLC
[Botanical Name]    Hippophae rhamnoides/Fructus Hippophae
[About Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil]              
Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil was called "super noble"in nurtion oil,among which content of activated elements such as natural vitamn E、β-carotene、linoleic acid、α-linoleinc acid has exceed content in other nutritional oil.Qinghaiqing Wild Seabuckthorn Seed Oil Soft Capsule were made from wild seabuckthorn grown in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau 2800-4000 meters elevation areas,through CO2 critical extraction,with 100% seabuckthorn seed oil ,Reduce blood fat 、promote to circulation of blood、 effect of an anti- ulcer of eliminate inflammation、regulate human's immunity function,In addition to sea buckthorn oil & soft capsules heathcare and medicine, sea buckthorn oil has use nutural material of superior quality cosmetics,as well as use to protect skin outside,it pears effects of anti-wrinkle ,defend to sunscreen and repair skin mucosa etc



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