[Detection methods] HPLC
[About L-Ribose] 
L-Ribose is a very important saccharide concered with life and heredity, which plays a very important role in physiology. D-Ribose exist abundantly in the nature, however, the enantiomers L-Ribose does not exist in the nature, which is a rare and expensive saccharide. L-Ribose has effective anticancer ability and little side-effect on normal cell. L-Ribose is an important medicament intermediate. Because the application area of L-Ribose is expanding quickly, the requirement of L-Ribose in the globe is increasing year after year. New ways of preparing L-Ribose are discovered. Our company provides highly purity L-Ribose, which can be widely used in pharmaceuticals and biochemical.
[Molecular Formula]  C5H10O5
[Molecular Weight]   150.13
[Melting point]   81-84'C
[Description]  White crystalline powder
[Functional Properties] 
L-Ribose can take the place of D-Ribose to form L-Ribose nucleic acid in the cell, which make the copy of inheritance inaccuracy, an very important medicament intermediate of anticancer and antivirus.



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