Features of Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction

    1. Super-critical extraction works at room temperature (rang from 35 to 40) and extracts what we need in circumstance full of CO2,which prevent acailably themal sensitive substance from oxidation or escapinmthe effective composite from medical plants are remained.The material which has the attrbute of high boiling point,low volatility and easy pyrogenation can be extracted in this way.
    2.Super-critical extraction is the most cleanly method.Organic solvent being used in whole process,there isn’t any residual solvent.which avoids deleterious substance exising and prevents environment from polllted,therefore ensures that the product yielded keeps 100% natural property.
    3.Extraction and srparation act as a whole part during production.When CO2 Saturting solute flow into the Segregator, CO2 and the substance extracted coming into being two phases(gas and liquid) rapidly to separate due to the pressure delining or the temperature caryting.By the way,production effciency could be greatly improved,which decreases energy sources consumed and reduces cost.
    4. CO2, a kind of inertial gasm,which isn’t able to burnt,and possesses the attribute of no taste,no smell and innocuity,doesn’t occur the phenmena of chemic reaction in the process of extration.
    5. CO2, a kind of low-cost gas with high purity,is very easy to achieve and can be used again,which greatly reduces cost of prodution.
    6.Ether pressurs or temperature may cat as adjust parameter during the process of extraction,in other words,changing pressure or temperarure may reach the aim of extraction.Thar is,changing temperature only may be separated substance when temperature is settled.Therefore,the techniacal is easy,and prodution is high.