Advantages of our Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction

    Ⅰ.Continuous process of extraction
Instead of adopting method of extracting discontinuously,working in a continuous way,this instrument is more effective then before(1 time high)
    Ⅱ.Automatically assemble and un-assemble material
The process of loading and unload material from the bottom the bottom of the instrumnet to extraction kettle is controlled by computer.Instead ,before the apparatus was improve,works had to climb up the top of the kettle to tear down the bolt in the kettle,when carry the store kettle and palce in the vessell this is really is clumsy and not safe way.
    Ⅲ.Accurate extractio presseure and separation pressure
CO2 injection pump controlled by computer traces the extraction pressure automatically in a way of frequency modulation,and the separation pressuers is ontrolled automatically by pressure adjustment,which make the precision of extraction pressurse and separation pressure be contuolled ina steady condition.In this way,high purified substance extracted coule be yielded.
    Ⅳ.High efficiency of usage of CO2
The loop designed in the instrument utilizes CO2 circularly,which reduces the release of CO2 greaty.(without the circular loop,the measure of pressurs balance is adopted after test finsihed,which lead to a mount of CO2 lost.The pressure rangges from 6Mpa to 8Mpa when gas is releaed,and with a big noise,it will last for a long time in this process)
A new nethod of fluid spreading around adopted makes the fuild(CO2) contact with solute evenly,which speeds solution,reduces time of extraction greatly,and increases production unltimately.
   Ⅴ.Friendly desigh
The instrument is controlled by cumputer which adopts man-machine conversation and voice indication.With multiple pressure protection,temperature protection and safety light screen protection,the instrument could prevent operators form hurt effectively.Operators will operate the instrument in a friendly condition.