Beauty and Clearspots Soft Capsule

[Product description]  
  The soft capsule made of Pure herbs has promoting Blood circulation by removing Blood Stasis and beauty and dispelling spot for the role. It contain radix rehmanniae , peach kernel, angelica, safflower, Bupleurum, Determining and tuckahoe, rhizome of Sichuan lovage, cortex moutan root-bark of tree peony , alisma rhizome, shikonin ,can adjust female hormones and the effect of beauty ,give women full glory .
[ Apply crowd ]         Beauty crowd, replenishing Blood and clearspots people and so on.
[ Specifications]       650mg*180 sfot gels/bottle
[ Direction for Use ]   Taking 4 capusles once a day . A course of 30 days, with 2-3 courses.

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