Application of Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction

     Possessing unique charaterristic, CO2 Super-critical extraction has being widely used in may fields.For examles,the technical could be used to extract effective compositon from chian-herbal-medicine,separate lipid compoud in compound in chemistry industry,and so on.The details as follows;
     1.It can achieve the biology active m olecule,alkaloid and separating of the heebal materials
     2.It can be used in the microscopic organism lipoid,and it can recycle the lipoid,and remove the lipoid from glycoside and protein.
     3.It can extract various anti-cancer ingredients from many herbal materials,especially the extracted product pacilitaxel which extracted from yew skin,branches and leaves.
     4.Vitamin mainy on the extracting for VE 
     5.To extract all kinds pf active materials(natural or synthetic), and remove the un-need molecutle(for example it can remove the pesticide when extract the vegetables)or residue material,so that to get the purity materials.
     6.The manutacturing on various natural antiseptic or oxidation resistance extracting materials,such as basil,scarlet sage,thyme,garlic,onion,chamomile,chill powder,linquorice anise seed and so on





1.extracting effective component from traditional Chinese medicines; 2.concentration and purification of pharmaceutical ingredients; 3.separating and purification of fatty mixtures; 4.removing of organic solvents


1.separating of thalli organisms; 2.extracting of essence and flavor; 3.extracting of animal fat and fatty solubility ingredients; 4.extracting of plant alkali; 5.extracting of food colorant; 6.Removing odor, color, acid and organic solvents


1.extracting of essence and flavor 2.purification of essence and flavor


1.deasphalting of petroleum and residual oil; 2.oil cleaning of petro-core; 3.recovering of lubricating oil

Chemical industry

1.separating of hydrocarbon; 2.purification of chemical synthesis material; 3.separating of co-boiling mixture; 4.recovery of reacted material

Environmental Protection

1.removing harmful metal ion from material, soil and radiation waste water; 2.fine cleaning


Super-conduction, semi-conduction,ceramics,catalyst reaction of enzyme, super-fine particles and supercritical reaction