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[Product name]         Xinyanjian

[ Characteristics ]     Light yellow powder-like crystal which is easy to dissolve into water, alcohol and fat, free of any special smell.
[       Function        ]     When there is sexual stimulation, non-epinephrine in corpus cavernosum penis (NANC), nitrogen monoside enzyme in nerve cell and endothelial cell can catalyze the composition of nitrogen monoside from L-Arginine. Nitrogen monoside can increase the composition of guanylic which will lead to the laxity of smooth muscle in corpus cavernosum penis and penis arteriole. When the blood infuses into corpus cavernosum penis, there will be erection for penis. Therefore, this product belongs to type-5 Phosphodiesterase inhibitor.
[ Pharmacokinetics ]   It is quick to absorb when taking orally and can reach the peaking value within 1-2h, T1/2 is 8-12h. Take this medicine once a day, the drug effect can continue for 24-36h. There is no obvious accumulation and the consistence of blood will be in straight line dependence with the dosage you take. And there is no obvious influence for the blood pressure and heart rate of the one who takes it once a day.
[ Adaptive disease ]    Sexual function decay of male, sexual disorder and ED
[ Dosage & Usage ]       Pnce a day, 100-150mg/time
[ Untoward reaction ]  Red face
[ Tabu ]
  1. high blood pressure suffer whose blood pressure is hard to control and can’t be controlled
  2. The one who suffers from serious coronary heart disease and heart failure
  3. The one who suffers from serious live and kidney disease
[ Reaction of medicine ] This product can’t be taken together with nitrate and the medicine which can offer No. It will take about 10 days for you to take them separately.
[ Storage ] sealed
[ Valid period ]  2-3 years
[ Specification ] 1kg/20kg/0kg can be offered according to client’s requirement.

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NO.1 From: NATURE'S WAY  Mr.Anthony / Merchandising Manager  E-mail: **********  
Bolise Co., Limited offer very comeptitive price sex enhancement raw material. We compare its price with other onlien stores and found that It' s lower than others.

NO.2 From: Nature Made  Mr.Dylan / Senior Customer Manager  E-mail: **********  
Shipping: Fast for USPS Priority. Works: Well. Would buy from them again.

NO.3 From: AmerisourceBergen  Mr.Tyler / Project Manager  E-mail: **********  
Ordered set of Tadalafil and got them in two weeks time. Very well made, instructions included help a lot and customer service is great! Placed second order a few weeks later, same great products and service. Keep up the great work guys!

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