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Safflower Yellow Color
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Safflower Yellow Color

[ Products Name ]                 Safflower Yellow

[ About Safflower Yellow ]
  Safflower Yellow is a natural food pigment extracted from the petal of Carthamus Tinctoria L. by the process of extracting, filtrating, purifying, concentrating, sterilizing, spraying & drying. The main coloring ingredient is carthamine.

[ Characteristics ]
             The appearance of safflower yellow is yellow or brown yellow powder. It can easily dissolve in water and ethanol solution, but not in ether, petroleum ether, oil and acetone. It is an excellent coloring agent for starch, but slightly coloring for protein. Ferric ion can make it becomes black. It has good resistance to light and high temperature.

Quality Standard ]


Enterprise Standard



Yellow or Brown Yellow Powder

Yellow or Brown Yellow Powder

Color v-alue E



More than 40(400nm)

Loss on Drying %    Less than



Ash           %   Less than



Lead        ppm   Less than



Arsenic      ppm   Less than



Mercury     ppm   Less than

0. 3

0. 3

Total Plate Count cfu/g Less than



Pathogenic Bacteria



[ Application and Usage Reference ]
 Safflower Yellow can be widely used in the coloring of beverage, wine, candy .canned fruit, ice cream, ice-lolly, jelly, preserved fruit. The usage reference for 50 CV is 0.01~0.02%.The usage quantity can be decrease if the CV is more than 50.

   [ Package ]

Plastic (or paper) container with inner plastic bags. Net weight for each container is 10kg or 20kg . Package standards are also available according to consumer’s demand.

   [ Storage ]

  Sealed, avoid light, store in a cool and dry place.

   [ Shelf Life ]

  12 months from production date if the storage condition attains as mentioned above.Once opened, should seal up again and use within 6months.

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