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Roselle Red
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Roselle Red

  Active ingredient: color scale
content: [85]
detection method: 
packaging : cardboard drums, with double aseptic food poly bags inside. Or by cartons, with vacual aseptic food poly bags inside, 20kgs per carton with 8 bags inside,2.5kg per bag.

  product description  

Delphinidin-3-elderberrydiglucoside, Delphinidintriglucoside, Cyanidine-3- elderberry diglucoside, Cyanidine-3-glucoside are the main parts of the roselle red.We can see dark red liquid、reddish violet paste or reddish violet powder.It is easily water-soluble. It is absolute a natural pigment abstracted from the calyx of  Hibiscus Sabaariffa by modern biotechnology. Widely used in syrup, cold cakes, powder beverage, fruit syrup, ice cream, jelly, fruit juice beverage, candy, the mixture of wines as red to purple-red coloring.

This product has been exported to EU, Japan, USA, Asia etc. The physical level and microbiological level can meet  the export standards well.For avoiding fakes,this product already has normal enterprise NO: Q/KLE51-2005.

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