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[ Product Name ]            Capsiate

[ Specifications ]           capsiate 40%
[ Assay Method ]              HPLC
[ Botanical name ]            Capsicum annuum L. cv. CH-19 SweetCapsiate

[ Molecular Formula and Molecular Weight ]        C18H26O4  :  306.18
[ About Capsiate ]

The first and only dietary supplement with natural capsinoids extracted from CH-19 Sweet peppers. Capsiate , one of the capsinoids, is often used as a popular name for capsinoids because it is the major part of capsinoids extracted from CH-19 Sweet peppers.
[ About Capsiate Extract ]

 Capsiate is a white or pale yellow crystal powder extracted from dry capsicum. Its main components are capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin, and other alkaloids, such as nordihydrocapsaicin, homodihydrocapsaicin etc.

[ Capsiate Extract Action ]

  1) Capsiate, the non-pungent capsaicin analog, is the material for health food and medicine. It can increase thermogenesis and energy consumption, promote energy metabolism and suppress body fat accumulation.
  2) Capsiate shows anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities, holding considerable potential for dietary health benefit and pharmaceutical development.

[ Capsaicin ] 

 Capsaicin, is the pungent component found in hot chili peppers which creates the feeling of burning and heat that occurs after eating even tiny bites of the pepper. Because of these symptoms that follow ingestion, only very small amounts of dietary capsaicin can be tolerated at one time.

[ CH-19 Sweet pepper ]  
 A newly discovered non-pungent sweet pepper that is the source for capsinoids, the key ingredients in Capsiate. This variety of pepper is unique because it produces capsinoids, but almost no capsaicin.

[ Capsinoids ] 

 Capsinoids are a family of compounds that are analogues of capsaicin, but are non-pungent. They are approximately 1,000 times less pungent in contrast to capsaicin. Capsinoids are extracted from CH-19 Sweet peppers, unique and natural non-pungent peppers. Capsinoids is a collective name that includes capsiate, dihydrocapsiate and nordihydrocapsiate.

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Bolise Co., Limited company is the perfect choice for raw material supplier. It frees you from worry about Product's quality, and its price is very reasonable, what' s more, they are free shipping all over the world.

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Bolise Co., Limited is a member of Herbal Material Association, which means it take great responsibility to ensure and enhancing good quality health supplement products. It is a GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliant company.

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We find that the product ingredient information is very comprehensive. Desides stating the source of the ingredients, Bolise Co., Limited goes to the great length to provide the information and clinical studies of each ingredient used. This is a hallmark of high quality product and services of an excellent herbal raw material online store.

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