Sodium Peroxide

Sodium Peroxide

CAS: 1313-60-6
Molecular Formula:Na2O2
Molecular Weight: 77.98
Appearance:light yellow granular powder
Properties: Light yellow powder industrial products for the specific gravity 2.805, the apparent density 0.5 -0.7g/cm3, heating is darker in color, melting point 460 ° C, decomposition temperature 636 ° C, decomposition release oxygen, highly hygroscopic, and water and carbon dioxide, water vapor containing exothermic reaction occurred, and release oxygen, and flammable organics prone to burning, high temperature there is a strong corrosive.
Uses: Pharmaceutical and super oxides as oxygen generating agent mixture for the aerospace, undersea exploration, job plateau, mine rescue, fire fighting, submarine navigation and medical health, Sodium peroxide is also widely used as a bleaching agent, oxidizing agent, to deodorant, fungicide and mineral analysis.



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