Wolfberry Extract(Goji Extract)

Wolfberry Extract(Goji Extract)

[ Specification ]  Polysaccharides10-50%; 10:1;4:1
[ Detection method]  HPLC
[ Botanical Name ]  Lycium chinense Miller/Lycium barbarum L.
[About Wolfberry Extract]
Wolfberry - commercially called goji berry - is the common name for the fruit of two very closely related species:Lycium barbarum and L. chinense
[Wolfberry Extract Effectiveness]
  1. immune regulation, lowering blood glucose,delay aging, anti-fatigue effect.
  2. medlar oil rich in Polysaccharides, oleic acid, vitamin E , carotene, and other biological active substances, lowering blood vessels with cholesterol to prevent arteries congee kind grow and enhance eyesight and prevent glaucoma, Zengbai, rain, skin, reduce pigment and other role.
[Main pharmacological reactive]   
  Wolfberry polysaccharide of a direct function of the immune cells active role in promoting, which may increase their cells [ Ca2+].



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