Momordica Fruit extract

Momordica Fruit extract

Specification: mogrosides26.7%,Glucose13.4% 
Detection method: HPLC 
Botanical Name: Momordica grosvenori
About Momordica Fruit extract:
Momordica Fruit is a perennial vine in the Cucurbitaceae (cucumber or melon) family.Lo Han Kuo is a fruit of natural sweet taste. The most unique chemicals reported that the fruit contains the triterpene glycoside non-caloric sweet known mogrosides. Its glucose is extremely high and its total mogrosides is about 250 times sweeter than sucrose (i.e. sugar). Lo Han Kuo products have been widely used in food, seasoning, beverage, medicine, health protection products, cosmetics and commodity etc.
The Chinese medicinal experts believe that Lo Han Kuo is very good for hypoglycemia and diabetes, moistening the lungs and skin, helping sore throats, healing fever and coughs, purifying the blood, regulating the digestive tract, eliminating diarrhea and constipation, reducing stress and tension, helping to control food and sugar cravings etc.



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