[Specification]  99%L-Dopa
[Detection method]   HPLC
[Chemical Name]   L-Dopa, Levodopa, L-Tyrosine, 3-hydroxy 
[About Levodopa]  
L-DOPA (3,4-dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine) is a naturally occurring amino acid found in food and made from L-Tyrosine in the human body.Levodopa is used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's disease including tremors (shaking), stiffness, and slowness of movement. It may also improve your gait (walk), posture, swallowing, speech, handwriting, vigor, alertness, and sense of well-being and may control excess salivation and seborrhea (oily, crusty, scaly skin).
[Molecular Formula and molecular weight]       C9H11NO4, 197.19 
[Physical property]           Colorless odorless crystal or crystal powder.
[Extraction Source]  
Broad beans, cat beans, Changchun Yau Ma vine white birch Yau Ma vine, the seeds of Chenopodium album beans.
[Pharmaco - toxicology]
The drug is just like dopamine to anti-Parkinson's disease, levodopa for the synthesis of dopamine is in the precursor material, itself has no pharmacological activity, through the blood-brain barrier into the hub, it changes into dopamine by the decarboxylase role, then produces pharmacological effects and improve symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Due to the drug can increase brain dopamine, norepinephrine and other neurotransmitters, and also can enhance the tolerance of the brain to ammonia. Therefore, it is used for curing hepatic coma and improving hub functions ,so that make the patients clear in mind and symptoms improved.



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