Galantamine Hydrobromide

Galantamine Hydrobromide

[ Botanical Name ] Lycoris radiata
[ CAS NO. ] 1953-04-4 
[ Molecular Formula ] C17H22BrNO3
[ Molecular weight ] 368.271
[ Specification ] 99%Galantamine Hydrobromide              
[ Detection method ] HPLC          
[ Part used ] Stem
[ Extract Solvent ] Ethanol or Water
[ Appearance ]  White crystalline powder
Main Function of Galantamine Hydrobromide
Galantamine hydrobromide is weak anticholinesterase drug through the blood-brain barrier.
Galantamine hydrobromide can make the neuromuscular recovery and improve the state of paralysis of various peripheral neuromuscular disorders.
Galantamine hydrobromide can treatment of a wide range of less toxic, and are well tolerated by patients.
Galantamine hydrobromide is mainly used in clinical treatment of sequelae of poliomyelitis (polio), muscular dystrophy and myasthenia gravis.
Galantamine hydrobromide can also be used for children with cerebral palsy, traumatic sensorimotor disorder, polyneuritis and radiculitis etc.
Application of Galantamine Hydrobromide
Mainly used to cure benign memory disorders, improve patient's ability to point-to memory, promote associative learning, image recall, meaningless graphics recognition and portrait recall. It also improves the memory impairment caused by dementia patients and brain temperamental lesions.
COA of Galantamine Hydrobromide
Loss on drying:  0.25 %
Sulphated ash:  0.01 %
Melting point:  260 ℃
Heavy metals:  1.2 ppm
Arsenic:  ≤2ppm
In water sparingly soluble Complies
In ethanol, chloroform and ether insoluble
PH:  5.77
Specific rotation(2% in water) :   -97.06º
Absorption(50ug in 1ml water):  82.7
Total:  0.051 %
Signal:  0.016 %
Dihydrogalantnamine:  0.054%
About Galantamine Hydrobromide
Galantamine hydrobromide is a tertiary alkaloid that has been extracted from plant sources and is now synthesized for use in the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease (AD). Galantamine acts both as a reversible competitive inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and as an allosteric modulator of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.
Galantamine hydrobromide is an alkaloid isolated from Lycoris. Mainly used for myasthenia gravis, poliomyelitis sequelae and sequelae, also used in children with cerebral palsy, polyneuritis, spinal radiculitis and sensorimotor dysfunction caused by nervous system diseases or trauma. It is also clinically used to treat Alzheimer's disease, and it also has a significant therapeutic effect on memory impairment caused by dementia patients and brain organic diseases. 
[ Storage condition ] Sealed, kept in shady & dry place
[ Shelf life ] Two years



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