Epimedium Extract(Shorthorned Epimedium Herb extract)

Epimedium Extract(Shorthorned Epimedium Herb extract)

[ Specification ] Icariin 20% ,50%
[ Detection method] HPLC
[ Botanical Name ] Epimedium brevicornum 
In application of traditional Chinese medical science,the product is used to nourish kidney to improve male sexual function,to relieve rheumatic pains and cold,etc.It is used for the treatment of impotence,dribbling urination,contracture and spasm of bones and muscles,hemiplegia,lassitude in loin and legs,arthralgia due to wind-dampness and numbness of limbs.
[Product Acttvtties]
Nourish kidney to improve male sexual function,relieve rheumatic pains and cold
Prevent and treat osteoporosis
Prevent and cure climacteric high blood pressure
Strengthen immunization function of organism effectively
Increase blood flow in coronary artery,promote semen secretion and antibody growing
[Advantage of Epimedium Extract]
Stable material supplying channel
Good at producr of high content extract
Assay method with acetonitrile or methanol as mobile phase is according with the international market 
[Molecular weigh] 676.65
[Molecular formula] C33H40O15
[Melting poin] 231 -232 (Degree Celsius)
[Optic degrees] 92 (Degree Celsius)
[Chemical definition] Icariin
[Appearance] Yellow brown fine powder with light odor,bitter
[dentification] Passes all criteria tests
[Extract solvent] Ethanol & Water
[Sieve analysis] 100% pass 80 mesh
[Residual solvent] Eur.Pharm



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