Arachis Extract (peanut extract)

Arachis Extract (peanut extract)

[Specification]                 Luteolin 80%-98%
[Detection methods]       HPLC
[Botanical Name]             Arachis hypogeae
[About peanut]
 The peanut is also called goober, pindar, groundnut, and earth nut. While peanuts are most valuable as an agronomic crop here in Florida, they also are grown quite frequently in home vegetable gardens.
 The Peanut is the edible seed of the plant, Arachis hypogaea. Although called a nut, the peanut is a member of the pea family Fabaceae, and the fruit is not a nut, but a legume or pod. Peanuts develop underground in a woody pod, usually with two seeds to a pod. The peanut plant is a hairy, taprooted annual that measures 30-50 cm (1-1.5 feet) in height.
 Peanuts are also known as Groundnuts (because they grow underground), Earthnuts, Goobers, Goober peas, Pindas, Pinders, Manila nuts and Monkey nuts (although the last of these is often used to mean the entire pod, not just the seeds).
[Uses of Arachis hypogaea L(Peanut,groundnut)]
  Peanuts are found in a wide range of grocery products.Peanuts for edible uses account for two-thirds of the total peanut consumption in the United States.    
  The principal uses are peanut butter (see peanut butter and jelly sandwich), peanut candy, salted, shelled nuts, and nuts that have been roasted in the shell. Salted peanuts are usually roasted in oil and packed in retail size, transparent plastic bags and hermetically sealed cans. Dry roasted, salted peanuts are also marketed in significant quantities. The primary use of peanut butter is in the home, but large quantities are also used in the commercial manufacture of sandwiches, candy, and bakery products. Boiled peanuts are a preparation of raw, unshelled green peanuts typically eaten as a snack in the southern United States where most peanuts are grown.
   Low grade or culled peanuts not suitable for the edible market are utilized in the production of peanut oil, seed and feed.   
  Peanuts have a variety of industrial end uses. Paint, varnish, lubricating oil, leather dressings, furniture polish, insecticides, and nitroglycerin are made from peanut oil. Soap is made from saponified oil, and many cosmetics contain peanut oil and its derivatives. The protein portion of the oil is utilized in the manufacture of some textile fibers.    
  Peanut shells are put to use in the manufacture of plastic, wallboard, abrasives, and fuel. They are also used to make cellulose (used in rayon and paper) and mucilage (glue).   
  Peanut plant tops are used to make hay. The protein cake (oilcake meal) residue from oil processing is utilized as an animal feed and as a soil fertilizer.



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