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Fly Powder

[ Property ]   The fly powder is white crystal powder without color and scent, which could easily dissolve in water while being not noticed. Effects could be seen in a few minutes after women who take it. Women would show pink red face with hurried breath and all-body heat and can not help making love with you. Women at this time are full of passion, wild and soft. This product, in the mean while, possesses the magic function of nourishing kidney.

   [ Contents ]
  > 99.5%

  [ Function ]
   Fly powder is the sex trigger for women’s use without color and scent and could easily dissolves in water, drink or alcohol. In a few minutes after taking, women would have itchy feeling in their vagina and would feel tingle on the inside of leg with hurried heartbeat and more and more private parts secretion.

  [ Precautions ]
  Forbidden for under ages, pregnant woman and people with cardiovascular diseases. This product is only for legal family couples and is forbidden to be used in other occasions.

  [ Storage ] 

  [ Shelf life ]
       2-3 years

  [ Specification ]
1kg/20kg/50kg can be delivered (we can supply this product to you according to your requirement).

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