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Usnea longissima,Beard Lichen Extract, Chinese Usnea Extract
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Usnea longissima,Beard Lichen Extract, Chinese Usnea Extract

 [ Products Name ]               Usnea longissima,Beard Lichen Extract, Chinese Usnea Extract

 [ About  Usnea longissima ]
  Usnea longissima is like lichens without slender branches, up to a maximum of 1 m downward overhanging,and single spindle, so called Yu scolopendra centipede Usnic longissima. Ascomycetes fruit is very dilute, lateral, discoid and spore in the Oval with gray green color and softness. 

 [ Function  ]
used for medicine, disinfection, alleviating fever and increasing resistance to cough and phlegm.

[ Actions ] Anti-microbial, anti-fungal, bitter

[ Uses ] increases resistance to colds and flus

[ Pharmacology ] usnic acid - Bitter; prevents ATP formation in bacteria, not absorbed - action is in lumen

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