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Natamycin 50% in Lactose
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Natamycin 50% in Lactose

Product name: Natamycin 50% in Lactose

Natamycin 50% in Lactose Is composed of:
Natamycin min. 50%
Water max. 8%
Salt approximately 42%
All percentages are by weight.

Natamycin are effective anti-microbial agents. Using Natamycin as food preservatives can:

1.Enhance the quality of food product, and significantly extend the shelf life of foods by preventing yeast and mould spoilage.
2.Reduce product being recalled resulting from spoilage (and reduces manufacturing costs).
3.Replace or partial replace chemical preservatives and meet consumer demand for food preserved with natural ingredients.
4.Have no adverse flavour to foods.
5.Have stronger inhibitability compared to sorbic acid.
6.Prevent formation of potentially carcinogenic mycotoxins.
7.Cover a very broad spectrum of activity -- most yeasts and moulds are sensitive to very low levels of the preservative (<1 - 20 ppm).
8.Do not act against bacteria .This makes it useful for food products such as cheese and dry sausages in which bacteria are key to the ripening process.
9.Remain on food surface for a long time where contamination usually occurs.
10.Be proven to be a safe antimycotic agent.

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NO.1 From: PuritanChina  Mr.Joshua / Vice-President  E-mail: **********  
Prices are very reasonable, service is great and they sell a lot of items, you just need to search around their site.

NO.2 From: NeoCell  Mr.Tyler / Merchandising Manager  E-mail: **********  
Bolise Co., Limited focus on researching and producing natural products for consumers. It put emphasis in product safety & efficacy by controlling every facet of their product manufacturing, including sourcing of all our raw ingredients.

NO.3 From: Elevit  Mr.Ryan / Regional Sales Manager  E-mail: **********  
We highly recommend this Preservative supplement manufacturer if you are looking for assurance of quality and natural nutritional supplements.

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