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Paprika red Color
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Paprika red Color

[ Products Name ]            Paprika red Color

 [ About Radish Red ]

  Paprika red Color is the natural pigment, which is extracted, separated, refined from hot pepper. It is a kind of dark-red color oil liquid. Its main compositions are capsanthin and capsorubin. The product widely used in food, medicament, cosmetic, feed and so on.

[Color value]   E1%1cm 460nm=50~200

   [ Capsaicins ]
       ≤ 0.01%

[Arsenic]  ≤ 10mg/kg

[Heavy metal]  ≤ 30mg/kg

[Organic solvent residual ( n-hexane)] ≤ 25mg/kg

[Packaging] different volumetric tight polyethene barrel, such as, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg.

  [ Storage ]
     store in a cool place and avoid exposure to sunlight.

[Storage life] 24 months

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